peaked at number 11 on 16 March 1968 Words: Rob Mesure It is often said that if you laid all the pieces of music criticism concerning The Beach Boys’ aborted album ‘Smile’ end-to-end, the resulting piece of writing would stretch from this desk in Cricklewood to California. It isn’t, of course, and it wouldn’t, but […]

peaked at number 11 on 15 January 1980 Darren Beach writes: The Clash famously never went on Top Of The Pops. As a child, I found this to be the most significant thing about them, the one thing that made them different from their contemporaries. No matter that it my have cost them the big […]

Peaked at number 11 on 25 February 1984 People talk about artists being fixtures in the top ten, but it is worth remembering that between 1979 and 1983 Madness were just that. Of sixteen singles they released in that time, from ‘The Prince’ through to ‘The Sun And The Rain’, fourteen of them got there including their […]

peaked at number 11 in June 1994 Rob Mesure writes: Although their Britpop arch-rivals Blur may have succeeded in the terribly contrived 1995 battle between “Roll With It” and “Country House”, Oasis did beat Blur in another contest, arguably far more significant than establishing which of these, both decidedly sub-par, offerings could sell the greater […]

Peaked at number 11 between 9 February and 2 March 1985 Darren Beach writes:  If there’s just one thing everyone will know about Bryan Adams, it’s that he is a chart record holder.  His 16 weeks at number one with “Everything I Do (I Do It For You) “ in 1991 seemed like a reign that […]

Peaked at number 11 on 16 January 1993 Guest blogger Robert Mesure writes: Tenby, Pembrokeshire, April 1993. One Easter was so much like another in those years around the sea-town corner (with apologies to Dylan Thomas). I wander, new found wealth in hand (probably a few pounds given to me as a gift in lieu […]

Here’s a link to a feature I did last year on Eurovision 2011 and the hint of dissent from the crowd at the incessant bloc voting: